Turning off the return pump at night...


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What will happen if i have the return pump shut off when the lights go off and have it go back on when the lights go on again.

I am asking this because my Mag 7 makes this buzzing sound and it takes me about 2 extra hours to fall asleep. I have a Hang on filter and powerheads that will keep the water moving while the return pump is off, i was also thinking about putting a powerhead in the sump so that the water in the sump wont stay still while the return pump is off.

You guys think this would work??

Tank = 55 Gallon
im sure it would be fine if you had both circulation and heat in both the tank and sump.

Is the noise coming from the pump or the plumbing vibrating?

Not sure how long the tank has been running but if its somewhat new you will get use to the noise and not even notice it after a while. Personally i would just leave the pump on all the time or find a way to quiet it down.
Get a quiet pump. Ditch the Mag7 and replace with an Eheim 1260. Night and day difference. The 1260 is quite a bit stronger than a Mag7. If noise is important, (it sounds like it is), and you could go with a little less flow, go with a smaller pump. The Eheim 1250 would be very quiet and the lower flow would decrease water movement type noise.
Yea the tank is brand new, the rocks should be delivered today anytime now. I am definately going to sound proof the whole cabinet and i am also going to give it a try at the Ehim 1250, i went to Big Al last nigth and they didnt have the Ehim 1250 so ill have to wait probably another week on that.

Thank alot for the quick help!!