Two OG WWC Bounce, tye dye jawbreakers, Large Sherman RBTA, Utter Chaos


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Have a few things for sale;

Two OG WWC Bounce w Huge bubbles;

Shroom 1: $500 nickel fully open and multiple big bubbles and a lot of small ones

Shroom 2: $550 dime size if not bigger with a huge 1/2" bubble and multiple others growing

Tye dye jawbreaker: $300 about nickel size a lot of red specs already

Tye dye jawbreaker: $200 about 1/2"and red spec coming in

Large 6-7" Sherman rose bubble tip Anemone: $300

Original Dream Line Utter chaos Frags: 10polyp: $50, 8polyp: $45, 6 polyp: $35

Package discounts available.

I will be in OC area from 11-1pm today 11/12 and can meet up



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Shroom #1 sold!

All still available.

Pick up this week and I'll discount shroom#2 to $500 and the SRBTA to $250 cash!


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Will be near RAP between 10-11am and have 1 bounce left with a giant bubble and a few more coming in. About dime size and growing. $500 cash tomorrow and I will meet you. I will also be in chino hills between 1130-1pm.

Also still have my nice size Sherman Rose Anemone available. First $250 takes it!