two random questions


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1) What is the main cause of red algae? I just started seeing some on one side of the tank.
2) I have a 6" diameter rock with button pollyps on it and I would like to frag it so I can place the two/three pieces in different places in the tank. What is the best way to do that?


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By red algae you mean red hair algae or like slimey algae a pic would help.

you could break the rock where the polyps are to frag it, that would be the easiest and safest way for the coral.


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pics would help. the "red algae" might be cyano, which is sign off excess nutrients and not enough flow... but let's see what it looks like.


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for the button polyps break the rock off underneath them get some GEL super glue and glue the broken piece of rock to the piece of rock that you want it on. And for the super glue DONT wait for it to dry above will kill buttons only hold the pieces of rock together for about 30 seconds until tacky then put it back in the water.