Ugh, Fed Ex must hate me


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Well at home waiting for a fed ex shipment to arrive in Rancho (having it held since the last time they tried to deliver it was a total disaster too, took them 3 days to deliver my by then dead corals :(). This poor seller is starting to hate me I bet since all the doomed shipments have been from him. His wife is thinking that I just want replacement corals even though I have pics, and they say I'm the only one having problems with my shipments :(. Now, todays shipment still says it's on route at Memphis when it should be in Sacramento by now.

I've gotten other shipments from other vendors OK in the past, is it just Fed Ex lately?

I feel the black mark of bad luck with fed ex over my head



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I would suggest contacting the seller and show them the info you are seeing online. The sooner they know about the problem the better chance that their anger is directed at the right people. I haven't had any problems but I have only had one shipment of live goods. Good Luck.


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i had the same issues with the doctor foster smith.. fedex did not show it was in sac until the day of the shipment. it showed it was in minnesota until it was delivered. sucked because i had to schedule my day around the shipment since they didn't require signature and left it at the door.


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I think I'll just go over there just in case, yes the seller is very pi**ed off right now, especially since Fed Ex has been denying his claim for a shipment to me that was very obviously they're fault! (supposed to be delivered Friday, but was going all around country until I got it Tuesday!)

Ughhh, this stinks.


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My last shipment from fed ex trackin was very innacurate. It went from one end of the country to on the truck for delivery in hours.

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That's ridiculous the wife suspects you are just jerking them around! check the delivery records!

I have noticed at my work that we have had many delivery mix ups from both Fed Ex and UPS lately.

I hope everything makes it ok!!


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You won't believe this, they put it on a wrong plane back to Florida! They said they found it and they are shipping it back and it should be here tomorrow, hopefully the corals are OK. :(


I've always had issues with FedEx since moving to this area. It sucks that a shipment coming from LA still gets sent to Memphis, where potential problems can occur.

OTOH, UPS has been flawless.


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Fedex delivered me a nice newly shattered aquarium today and the two other boxes shipped with it were smashed up pretty bad.


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Wow, that totally sucks!!! I've never had a problem with any kind of carrier. Shipped all kinds of carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. I guess they like me. :p


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Shipping to a business does get you better service and faster speeds. I have discovered this as well. The "Home" side of FedEx is sometimes even sub-contracted out.


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guess i'll go against the grain, but i've had much better luck with Fedex vs UPS :).

Me too. I have only had one mess up with Fed Ex, but countless others with UPS


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14841030#post14841030 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Fiction2040
Fedex delivered me a nice newly shattered aquarium today and the two other boxes shipped with it were smashed up pretty bad.

Well, fingers crossed, picked up the package and the water was cold but clear, hopefully the coral will recover from its ordeal.

I had a horror story with UPS and a tank and stand coming from New York :(. The tank made it OK, but the stand didn't, twice. First it looked like they stuck a fork lift through it, the second it was smashed like a very heavy weight was put on it (or was dropped). Ended up I had the stand made for it :(.