Unattended Cycling Tank


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How long can I cycle a new tank unattended? I want to start a saltwater tank at my school and was wondering if it could be left unattended over summer break (roughly three months) while it cycles. If not, how long could it be left alone, how often would someone have to check on it or do something?


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I would urge you not to leave it unattended; there are a host of issues, ranging from power outages to variable humidity making even an auto top-off in need of watching to make sure the resevoir doesn't run dry. Watching your tank's chemistry, even in cycling, requires at least weekly attention. A leak could spell disaster. If you have the means to pop-in and check a couple of times a week, or have someone in summer school help you (who knows something about tanks), maybe- otherwise, I think you're setting yourself up for pretty strong disappointment.