Uncommon behaviour?


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My algae eater Goby tries To suck my Baby blue Tang which has minor ich problem right now. As a fact my Tang searches for help, I think. Coz it also sometimes comes around To my Lubbock's wrasses. I have cleaner shrimps but it doesnt prefer them. I cant catch him. It is eating alot. Should I be worried or relaxed if it continues To eat ilke pig?


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your tang is stressed & wants some relief, like you having an itch on your back & you need someone to get it. It's not uncommon, but obviously if there's an Ich problem, the goby will not get rid of it. You'll have to treat your tang for Ich. There are plenty of posts here that will tell you how to do it.

You need to decide if your tang is worth catching & curing.


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whats an algae eater goby ?

only cleaner wrasses clean[not suck] other fish, your goby is most likely biting on the unhealthy tang ...

2 choices ... empty tank, put all fish in QT, for 10 weeks leave tank empty ...

or do more water changes, and feed the fish more good food. they should all relax that way and the tang can "pass" the ich. ich will remain in your system and can come back anytime though that way.


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I've seen neon gobies Clean other fish lots of times, and even refer my customers to get them instead of cleaner wrasse. cleaner wrasse have a very poor survival rate, add neon gobies, though only live a few years


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ohhhh okay that makes sense :)

I once had a blenny that killed a large angel ! kept bitting it and ran to a hole ... eventually the poor 10" angel died ... thought it could be the same story.