Unexpected bengai babies


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My bengais have been breeding for a while in our 90 reef, and today i pulled some of the babies to see if i could save them from being the display's dinner.

13 of them are now in the fuge! enjoy the pics.

First shot has fingertip for sizing.


Wow thats pretty neat, did the adults keep them in their mouths?, do they eat? Wow your pretty lucky how did you manage to fish them out?
yeah they are mouth brooders, i moved the male into a bowl, ready to physically extract them, and he spit them out as a last ditch evasion method i suppose.

Tossed him back in and took these little guys to the fuge.

Dont know if they are eating yet, but that fuge has millions of little mysids.
biologist friend of mine had his banggais breed and did the same as you, throwing them into his fuge. Said they almost wiped out his mysid population. Hopefully they'll do as well for you as they did for him!
i can imagine that they will put a sizable dent in the mysids, but by that point, i will probably try to keep them in an inside tank enclosure that i can start to feed baby brine, just to keep the population there.
years of growth without fish in refugiem has given me a dense cloud of mysis of all sizes in my 40 fuge.

I run very low nutrient, so very little macro grows in it, and i never trim it, so its just filled with sand, live rock and red kelp.