Unicorn Tang Help


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I have had a unicorn tang for about the past year! He is growing, but............ He is very skinny! Super skinny! He eats like a pig! I am wondering what I can feed him to fatten him up! All of my other fish are super healthy, but he always looks sick! He eats a variety of food from frozen, to flake to pellet, Nori! I am wondering if there is something I can soak the food in to fatten him up! Any help I would appreciate! Thanks
They must have brown algae in their diets. Without it, they will show signs of malnourishment like you describe. Find a fellow reefer with a dictyota/sargassum problem and let the tang have at it. Also, if you can get the tang to eat it, the dried "nori" brown algae works, too.
Ah. I thought you were talking about Naso unicornis, which is 'the' unicornfish or unicorn tang. hexacanthus has no rostral spine--so yours does not? If it is hexacanthus, they are going to need large amounts of plankton like foods, heavy with fatty acids, etc. Have you tried enriched mysis?
Like I said, try enriching it in Selcon or something similar. What brand of mysis? (THere is a significant difference here).