Unknown Melichthys


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So I ordered in a couple pinktail triggers, Melichthys vidua, one of them is a beautiful, typical specimen. The other has me slightly stumped. It is obviously a Melichthys species, but not the typical form of any of them. In the book, "Dr. Burgess's Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes" on page 622 there is a fish labeled Melichthys vidua that looks just like it, but on the next page, there is a darker, happy version of what looks like the same fish labeled Melichthys indicus. Problem is, I can't find a definitive pic online to confirm.

I'll get a pic today while at work, until then, here is the Atlas pic. It looked EXACTLY like this coming out of the bag. I just want to make sure I sell it as the correct species, as vidua is almost half the size of indicus as an adult.