Unknown worm


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I recently got some new sps frags from a fellow reefer on Craigslist and upon inspection I noticed they had several of these worms? I believe they are harmless but I freshwater dipped each frag and removed all of them. I then put these in a spare pico tank until I figure out if they are harmful before I decide what to do with them. I've attached a link to a video I took of one of them. Any input would be appreciated!

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Ron Reefman

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Looks like a small spaghetti worm to me.

The worm will settle in the sand (maybe a rock) the worm will bury itself in the sand and set the circle of tentacles on the surface of the sand. They are harmless and eat very, very small items (probably bacteria more than anything). I had a bunch in my tank but a wrasse was added to the tank and in 3 days he ate them all.