Up and running again!


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More like up and waiting. Currently cycling our tank. 2 years ago we had to sell all of our livestock and shutdown our 7yr old tank in order to move from California to South Dakota.

Finally we are 3 weeks into cycling our new system. This time around is different.
Less noob mistakes, much happier with current rock scaping, plus we kept all the equipment that we have accumulated over the years.

Waiting is a real stuggle!!! Just so darn excited!

There are no LFS here...so that will help with any impulsive buys...but also sucks. We have not met 1 person here who has a reef tank or really knows anything about them. Kinda on our own out here!


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Always the same feeling on a new set up each time. Congrats.
Maybe you can find some members here that are close to you.


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Starting Scape:

Finished scape...I think. Pay no attention to the bare bottom..adding more live sand soon.

And just for fun our new hobby Dart Frogs