Update on coral for sale(a lot of great looking pieces)


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I have the following:
sm-med red symphyllia brain- $45
med-lar tricolor symphyllia- $60
purple blasto wellso 30+ polyps- $60
strawberry favia 30+ polyps- $30
purple favia frag- $15
nuclear rim favia 30+ polyps- $30
6 nuclear rim frags- $10-20 each
pink echino frag- $25
teal w/ neon green rim acan- $65
yellow stripe acan- $65
light teal w/ inner white circle acan- $65
6 orange and green rim zoo frags- $15 each







The white spots are not damaged (it's the coloration)

My favorite piece aside from the tricolor symphyllia

I'm in Jackson and I would rather you stop by and pick the stuff out. I would like to see it all go by the end of the weekend. They are all awesome pieces at a decent price. If you buy a bunch of pieces I'll throw some money off or throw in a few frags.


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what is the white with pink rim coral next to what i believe is the stsrawberry favia? and how far away are you from philly, i am closet to tacony bridge or betsy ross, could also be interested in those balstos?


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Interested in a couple things. I'm down in Lavallette for the weekend. Would like the Blastos and interested in the favia-looking piece all the way to the right in your first photo.

PM me?


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I Pm'd you a few day's ago about when is good to come buy some corals and didn't hear back from you. So when is good for you?


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I'm home everyday so pm me for my address. Sunday I will be home all day so that would be the best day.


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I will also do frag packs if anyone wants. At this point I'm just trying to get the stuff out asap so pm me.


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All zoo frags are $10, favia frags are $10, all acans and branis are $50. Prices are getting pretty low now


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I still have a lot of stuff left. Especially acans, acan frags, and favia frags. I also have a bunch of zoo frags and some purple striped yuma rics. Sorry I don't have a camera for the next few days. However, anyone is welcome to stop by and check the stuff out in person. I'm in jackson, 08527.

small zoo, acan, and favia frags are $10 and medium sized pieces are $20.

Most of the larger pieces are $30-60.