Updated pics of my reef!


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Hi colleagues!

Firstable, I want to say that I've put this post in this area because I've not found any area related to aquariums smaller of 180 gal and my reef isn't a nano!

Attached you can see an update of my reef. Last days I modify some things there and I bought some new LPS. I hope you will like them! I love it!

In any case, I will appreciate your comments to improve it!

Thanks! :D





A. Lineatus with my green plero:




This is the last one. It has just 2 cm but it's awesome:

That has to be the smallest angel i have ever seen. Awsome rock work though really compliments the tank well.
Beautiful reef!! Tell us more about the clown tang, I would love to have one, but I understand that they can be very aggressive. Thanks!
Firstable, thanks to all of your for your comments! :D

Reef_only, the reef was setup 15 months ago.

Stun, the small emperor is amazing. It's not bigger that 1,5-2 cm!

silverfin, the SPS in my reef are montiporas, acroporas, different seriatoporas and pocilloporas. In the pictures you will see them.

kdblove_99, the acuascaping was thought to leave space for the fishes, because I love them!

Springmo, you can see more pictures of the clown tang in my blog. However, I'll try to put some other pictures. Do you want something special?

VCReefer26, thanks, It's specially difficult to get nice zoas in Spain. We haven't the zoas that you can get in USA.

adolfovacemberg , what do you want to see? the evolution since the beginning? you can check something in my blog: togorreef.blogspot.com

tolthoff, the clown tang in my case is not agressive with the other fishes in the reef. However, I've some frined that have problems with them. In my case, it's possible that I haven't because the flavescens was the first tang in the reef....