Updates on recent mangrove purchases?


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Mine from the guy on eBay are still doing great. They are adding leaves and constantly growing. Their root systems are especially progressing. I'm VERY happy with the purchase.


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Mostly a ^bump^, but I have 10 coming from Hawaii, and 10 from FL, both from eBay sellers. I'll post my impressions.


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Just got my delivery today of 10 mangroves all the way to Alaska from a guy off ebay.

All but one look very healthy and one is a 12 inch plant with well developed roots and about 4-5 leaves on it.

Well see how they survive, ill post update in a week or two, maybe a pic later of what they look like right out of the box.


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Most of mine appear ok. The batch from FLA appear to have been collected from the beach, and a couple had obvious rodent damage. They'll be going in a bucket under a PC pendant for a bit. Will post updates as I see how they do.