Upgrade from 7 gallon to 16 gallon Mini Bow Madness!


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Well the 7 gallon on my desk at work is getting crowded and my list of wants is growing. I am going out on paternity leave in November so I will have a lot of fish tank time on my hands.

Here is my current 7 gallon build.

I have a 16 gallon Bow tank that is going to be the new tank at work.
Here's how the build will go.

16 gallon Bow drilled for two over flows and two returns
2 3/4 PVC overflows
2 3/4 returns running through a SCWD
Quietone 2200 return pump
DIY Auto top off
2 RapidLED Par38 bulbs or custom DIY 24 LED light
Algae turf Scrubber running off overflow.
Custom 10 gallon sump
Bubble trap will be designed to house filter floss and chemipure elite
100 watt heater
Custom fishing line top

Live stock will be:
Custom ceramic rock seeded with live rock
2" deep sand bed with some PVC tunnels
True Perc clown
Yasha Gobie with Randalli shrimp
Blood Shrimp
Sixline Wrasse
Catalina Goby
Small rose Bubble tip
Maxima Clam
A bunch of LPS and SPS

Its a large bio load but with the proper sized Algae Turf Scrubber it should be good.


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I have a question on flow. Currently It will have 425 gph switching from one side of the tank to the other every 6 seconds with the flow rate drop from the SCWD. Will this be enough random flow for SPS? Its about 25 times turn over per hour.

I am trying to keep the display tank as empty of equipment as possible.

Should I plan on putting a small circulation pump down low behind the rock work to up my turn over rate and randomize the flow more?