upgrade questions


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ok I am almost ready to start building a stand for the 120 and am starting to have worries or concerns about the day of transfer.

even if I use the same rock and water... probably best to use new sand and just seed a bit.... how many issues with my sps may I have?

also should I scrape of any white and or yellow sponges that have grown ? any other concerns or ideas? I will probably get a bottle of turbo start to help with the mini cycle........
i wouldn't worry too much about the sponge and such on the rocks, just maybe the sps some, i would offer to hold them for you, but i'm sure they are encrusted on the rocks and such and i really don't have room for them now in my tank. but let me know if u want help with the switch.
Hey Andy worst case scenario- chopped them up give me some i'll hold (after a good dip )them pending your transfer .
Not much space but the coral cha-cha its always fun.
BTW the only coral transfer I've done was back in 99 and lost some to carelessness, so I truly dont have an answer, besides fragging some for keepsake and moving them back when tank is ready.
Hope that helps.