upgrading to MH...lots of ?s


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if i do the 20 ks then i shouldnt have to supplement with atinics right? and if i do the 14 ks then i will have to suplement with atinics? its not a problem i have pcs but im just trying to figure how im going to set this up. and how far would you put the
MH from the water line? 1 more thing wont a 175 watt mh be a downgrade from 2x96 pc because its more watts?


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Well, technically you don't have to supplement any mh with actinics. People mostly use the actinics for aesthetics. Actinic spectrum is used for photosynthesis in corals and is more than provided in the mh lighting.

As far as distance from the water, depends on the depth of the tank, current tank conditions, inhabitants, etc...

Now, as for the wattage comment, completely irrelevant. Not trying to jump on you or anything, but you are trying to compare two very different light sources using wattage.

MH is much more powerfull and directional.