Urgent Coral Help -Lighting


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So, my DT is currently going through a blackout from what appears to be dinos. My corals were looking pretty sick and after reading mixed experiences about whether corals live through the process, I decided to remove them from the DT and put them in my 10G (normally a QT, but cleaned and sterilized it and set it up as a frag tank during the blackout). I figured if they do die, it's better they die in a separate tank and not my DT.

What I am wondering is whether the regular LEDs in the 10G lid will keep them alive long enough to put them back in my DT where they will be back under my Radions. My other problem is increasing the flow in this tank. Currently, I have put 2 HOB filters (measured for 10G) on it and using the flow from that...My power head is way too strong for that size tank. Could I use a air pump (ie. bubbler) without the bubbler on it to increase flow?

The four corals are:
2 leather toadstools
1 green star polyps
1 frogspawn

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