URI Bulb Combo for 4x95 VHO


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Should I go with 3 AquaSun and 1 Super Actinic or 2 Super Actinic and 2 Actinic White?

My tank is a 50 Breeder, 36x18x18. These are run off of an IceCap 660.


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3 aquasuns to one actinic is going to look pretty bad. I would at least go half daylight, half actinic.

You might want to try one Aquasun, one Actinic White and two Super Actinics. That would be a good start, and you can adjust later if you like.



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I guess it depends on what you want to keep. I assume you are going for LPS and softies, since you're going VHO. In that case, I'd do 2 Actinic White and 2 Super Actinic.