Using Seachem Reef Builder, how long to see results?


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I only have a total water volume of about 50gallons. I seem to have great readings using a reef salt for weekly changes, occasionally adding some Seachem Advantage Calcium if needed. My KH is a tad on the low side so I got some Seachem Reef Builder which claims to increase this. I am just curious if you should see results within 10-30minutes or so. I have added about 3/4 of a teaspoon and seem to have no change in my tests and my tests read 7-8 level 8-12 recommended. I'd like to keep it at 9-10 or so. I will try not to add too much a day so tomorrow I'll add a little more and see what happens just not sure how long it takes to see a result..



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Somewhere on that bottle it'll tell you how much to add to raise the dKH "whatever" amount, that should give you an idea of how long till you notice results.