UV-Ozone etc vs a copepod population


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ok, this might be an easy answer...
I am setting up a mainly coral 750lt tank (lots of inverts but little to no fish that do not have a coral caring purpose)

I am pushed to get reactors, to use anti phosphates and carbon, probably uv and ozone....

I believe it is overkill, to my wallet but also to the circle of life I want to set up.
I want to have algae and copepods in the refugium, and have areas in the tank that are inaccessible to fish so that I get a copepod colony there too.
I am under the impression that all these (UV-ozone-carbon-phosphate removal) will be obstacles to this thing I want for my tank.

My reasoning is:
UV - kills copepods
ozone - kills copepods??
carbon kills nutrients that copepods need-also needs at least a sock that will filter out copepods
phosphate removal solutions - removes the nutrients that the sump algae will need to house most of my copepod colony.
Is there a balance you have seen to work in your tank? Is there an alternative? Am I wrong ?


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Start out with a grow-light and sump with rock rubble and a ball of cheatomorpha moss, plus a water chemistry with a calcium level of about 420, alk about 8.3, magnesium between 1200 and 1400. Get nitrate below 10 and let the cheato growth take care of the phosphate unless it's way high. Test alkalinity weekly until it falls, then test cal and mg as well and bring mg up, then alk, then cal if that has fallen below 420. THat chemistry will grow stony coral. The cheato will shelter pods AND absorb phosphate.
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