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I seem to remember a BRS video(?) saying that it is not a great idea to have the pump being used for the UV in the sump, thereby drawing water from the sump and then having the sterilized water go back into the sump.

Is this accurate?

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I have 2 1" returns going back to the tank, so I've always plumbed mine inline on one of the returns. I also use a flow meter so I can get optimal (correct) flow thru the UV.


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The most effective way to remove the hatching larva parasites is to have an appropriately sized dedicated pump supplying the UV at teh bottom behind the aquascaping where the larva are most likely going to be hatching out. Will it work configured differently and sharing a pump with other stuff, certainly. Using one, two or more small 9 watt or 13 watt submersable UV sterilizers is another workable option as well.

The reasoning for having the intake behind the aquascaping is when the aduilt parasites drop off the fish they have to find a place to form a cyct that allows them to go through the reproductive process. They will have to compete with algae, biofilms, sponges, corals and other stuff to find a space to attach to the substrate, this is more likely going to be behind the rock. They are also less likely going to be removed by algae eaters scraping the rock. As they larva hatch out they the slower currents behind the rock presumably lets them find and attach to fish easier. Another consideration is fish are more likely to rest or swim slower behind the rock.

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Taking water from & returning it to the same tank will drastically reduce the time it takes to have the entire water volume to be treated but will work eventually.