UV Sterilizer Setup


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I am setting up a UV Sterilizer and I am not sure of the best way to run it. It is a 3 tower 120 watt UV and it is going on a 300 Gallon Setup and I was told that it should be setup to run water through it really slow. Like put a relatively small pump with a ball valve in the line and let the water pass by the lights at a very slow rate. Does this make since to people?


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Sorry i am not answering your question, but find myself interested in the responses u get, cause i just upgraded my UV after the last one broke a few days ago. The info on the UV says max flow of 3000gph. I dont see how at those high numbers the unit would have time to do anything. I like u was told the flow should be slow. Currently i have a Mag Drive 7 on it and a ball valve. Currently it is open all the way, but wonder if i should slow it down depspite what the owners manual says. Mine is the Aqua 40w.