UV Sterilizer


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It seems like there are varying answers for the length of time a UV streriizer should run. Some sources say 24/7 some say only at night. Anyone have any opinions?


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I think it's a personal choice. The UV sterilizer might help with water clarity. If that's the goal, I'd just judge by the looks.


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I run 24/7

no long term effects ... that I can tell so far... been about 6 months I've been running it too.

I dose phyto as well, every few days... dunno if that would compensate for the UV or not.

like bertoni said, I think you won't get a straight answer on here, this is one of those things that so many people have varied opinions on.

I got mine to help fight ich, I got rid of the ich and just kept using it. I personally think it helps keep the green tint out of the water and makes it look more clear.


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If ya think about it after 3days everything floating in the water is dead. You're probably better off running it once every 2 weeks? Maybe also after you introduce something or someone who could also have brought in hitchhikers too.


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cabon doesn't kill anything, it adsorbs varous odor and color causing chemical compounds,

do a quick google search and you will find 100's of pages explaining how it works

so I don't see how it would help on hitch hikers...

but how long and how often and how much carbon to use is an opion that is varied as there are stars in the galaxy

best advice is, if you think you need to run it - then do

FWIK running carbon will not do anything but good to your tank system, so when it doubt, run it!