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If one were to go away for 7 days what you need to do to keep the tank running. For top off water could you just get a garbage can with a dripper? I already have an automatic fish feeder for the food part. I dont really want somone one at the house while I am not.

I think the best way to top off in a situation like that is to drill a hole in the bottom of a container and glue a tube in it and have the container above the tank so it is just gravity fed in.
There are auto-top offs that will keep salinity where it needs to be. I have a Tunze one that has been on the tank for 3 years.
I have an autp top off ready for my basement sump for my upgrade so I dont want to buy a auto top off for a week. Can I just put a mj 1200 on a timer for a min each day?
The auto top off for the other is connected to my rodi storage tanks.

I'm trying to find some more info bout that valve.
I use an Aqualifter (rated at 3.5 gph) that I turn on for 30 min. each day. That being said I am going to upgrade to something more permanant.