Valonia taking over - Help


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I have a 60G cube reef that has been running for almost 2 years. I have been through the hair algae war and I have a bunch of small corals left. Planning on adding some more soon.

However I have Valonia (Green bubble algae) all over the place. On the Back wall and over most of the LR. I am planing on doing some large water changes to remove what I can by hand but allot of it is in tight spots that I will end up trashing the rock work to get to.

Emerald crabs are a hit or miss and I cant keep them living long enough for some reason. I have a pseudochromis, false percula clown and an algae blenny.

Besides adding more emerald crabs is there any fish that may eat valonia that will be OK in a 60G Cube?


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i thnk instead of focusing on cleaning up the symptoms (nuisance algae) you should target the source. its clearly a nutrient issue in the water.

Use ro/di water if you arent, and do more frequent water changes. reduce feeding. its just the basics. think ochrams razor.


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Valonia can actually thrive in very low nutrient water... May not just be a husbandry issue. rabbit fish are great bubble algae eaters.

Andrew D

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I've heard Naso tangs are also great bubble algae eaters, but unless you can borrow one to later return, your tank is too small.