Ventralis Anthia Log


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My wife surprised me for my 30th birthday with 6 ventralis anthias last night (I turn 30 on Saturday). Now before we went started this we did a ton of research and talked a lot with our LFS where we ordered them. We have been in there weekly for 3 years so we know the employees very well and they know our system really well (I buy my RO from them hence the weekly trips). They were confident that we could handle them so we took the plunge. They got 4 in which unfortunetely died so they brought in 6 more (3 males and 3 females). They got the 6 eating clyclopeeze which of course is very important.

We brought them home and dripped them for an hour and in they went. In anticipation of this event we had lowered the tank temp to 75 degrees and we have had it down there for some time. Our apartment stays very cool and we will not have a problem with temperature spikes. We also just kept the actinics on when we introduced them and will continue in this vein. The plan is to have the actinics on for the day and then turn on the whites when I get home from work (around 5pm) and let it go from there. We have plenty of caves for them to hide in and they love our frag rack which helps block the light.

Feeding wise we feed with Rods food, live black worms, artic pods, mysis, fish eggs normally twice a day. We bought the cyclopeeze they were feeding the fish and another food (forget the name right now) and will add them to the rotation. We also have a brine shrimp hatchery that we are going to setup again to make sure they are eating. We may even setup a dosing pump to dose the live brine throughout the day. The plan now is to feed 3-4 times a day, once in the morning once around 5 pm and once around 10 pm. We may break some of the feedings up to spread them around. We have an oversized skimmer for the tank and do weekly 10-15% water changes (5 gallons a week on a 45g tank). If I need to change bi-weekly if water quality declines then so be it.

We have dealt with delicate fish before, we have a wild caught pair of mandarins on frozen food that we have had for about 2 years. They are also spawning regularly. We also have 4 baby bangaii cardinals that are the sole survivors of a group of 20 that came in. We were the only ones that could keep them alive.

We already have a minor issue as the sunburst anthia (over 1 year with us) is letting the ventralis know that he lives there. He may need to be caught and relocated. He is not biting them or damaging them at all but just hovering and making mini charges at them so this has us a bit worried. We will keep you guys informed as to how this goes. Oh and pictures will follow, did not want to freak them out with the flash or bright lights.


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Awesome! I just love Ventralis. I got a pair from PIA a few months ago now and they are doing great, one of the females is starting to transition to male now which is pretty cool! I've got a bunch of other wrasses and anthias in there but none seem to bother them much. I'd really like to get 6 more if I get the opportunity.


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They are in the 45g tank for now. They are small, the biggest one is about 2 inches.

These are very small anthias; they won't grow all that much. You must know that a 45 is way too small for a group of any anthias; especially one that has a lot of demands and is very difficult to acclimate.