Very close


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Im very close to getting my 180 gallon SPS dream tank up and going but I have one last thing I need to get and thats rock. Im planning on the tank to be a BB and I will be using dry rock. Just not sure where to get the rock from. Also planning on mortaring/epoxy it together so I was wondering where the best place to pick that up from was. I dont want to have to cure the dry rock. So where should I get my rock from? Thanks! And my build will be coming very soon!


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Hi, I bought some self rock from Marcorocks and was very pleased with the quality and got more lbs than I paid for and shipping was super fast. BrS also has great dry rock.

One my 120 SPS tank, I have a sand bottom and just started today with taking the sand out via suck up when doing water changes, two more changes and I can get most out, except from under the rocks. BB is really needed with the high flow and I have also 5 large fish and they can really kick up the sand.