Very LARGE group sale


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Selling all my equipment from my larger tanks in that i took down:

Up for sale are three Lim Wave pumps i have a 1/6 HP, 1/3 HP and a 1/2 HP pumps.
1/6 HP---$250
They are rated from 4-8000 gph.
I also have 3 Iwaki RDLT pumps for sale as well. I can do 100 bucks each on those OBO
Two ASM G-3 Skimmers 100 bucks each
large UV Sterilizer rated for over 1000 gallons--- $300
3 Euro fill sumps 2 50 gallon sumps with filter socks take them both for 250 bucks
1 35 gallon sump---shoot me a reasonable offer there
4 250 W Hamilton tech Metal Hallide lights with ballasts take all four for only 300 bucks
3 smaller metal hallide lights 75 bucks each that i used for my 500 gallon setup.

All prices OBO

With any purchase of 100 or more i can throw in a ton of bio balls if desired

If interested message me your phone number and i can send you specific pictures.