veteran crocea died in 2 days, what gives?


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I am at a loss. My first clam appears to be dead, I have had it for over 2 years. I can't figure out what happened:

Tuesday: Clam is fine, opened and soaking up light normally.
Tuesday night: I am up very late watching a movie and notice my pepp. shrimp trying to pick at the clam. The lights are off. The clam is closed up pretty tight. I swat the shrimp away.
Wednesday: Clam is closed all day and during the photoperiod. Don't see the shrimp bothering it, and I am attentive the whole friggin photoperiod.
Thursday: I get up and check the tank. The shell is open, but the clam looks in rough shape. I find a bumblebee snail near the incurrent siphon. I put it in a tupperware and look it over. No response. It is still attached to the shell it sits in. I leave it in the container floating all day, do a few water changes, one with phyto. It hasn't moved.

I can't figure out what happened. I have another crocea and it is fine.
No pyrammid snails, no worms fells out, no other signs. I haven't added any livestock in months, and those were only sps. I feed the tank Phytopheast several times weekly, and the clam is under 250W in a 12" tank.

Any ideas?

yeah i guess so. All my water parameters are fine, my peristaltic pump with the kalk topoff is fine. I am worried that something is going to happen to my other crocea now.
Clams tend to die "suddenly", the clam might be very starved or sich but because they don't get "skinny" like other animals so we can't really tell until it's too late.
Same thing happened to my Crocea this week....fine for 2 1/2 years and bam, gone for no reason. All other clams are fine. My cleaner shrimp was picking at the clam as well before this happened.