VHO problem

musty baby

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Bought an ARO 4LX ballast from hellolights, as well as 2 coralife actinics (48"). I've hooked everything up and am getting a single flicker of light, then nothing. Unfortunately, I read that you have to have a minimum of two bulbs to run the ballast and I have only two bulbs, so I'm at a loss as to testing the individual bulbs. Any advice/ideas as to what my problem may be? I hope it's an easily remedied problem and that I won't have to send in a ballast... Thanks in advance for any help



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Hi Ryan,

Did you get this figured out yet? I have VHO lights also, and if the bulbs aren't properly seated in the endcaps they will do exactly that...flicker once then go out. Fiddle around with them abit to make sure they have good contact. HTH