vho vrs mh


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I was wondering (a bad thing to do It cost me money) I have a vho lighting system in my tank 640 watts total. This tank is a fish only tank with about 280 pounds of live rock. Would it be practicle for me to switch to mh? I am an electrian and have an ample supply of vho ballast(free) just wondering. Another thing to consider when or if you diy mh the bulb will have ansi standard number on it match it to the proper magnetic ballast and their should not be any problems. As far as electronic ballast I have little practilce, I do understandn the tuning issues. But if you remote mount ballast the old fashion mags would do with proper venting . thanks blammotor


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if you are doing fish only, VHO will be better since the fish color will flourescent better under VHO plus you dont have to worry about heat. But if you are thinking about adding corals then I would add Metal halide to your current VHO


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VHO's will grow most corals. If you want INTENSITY! as for Acroporas...then you will need a metal halide. I use both! I use VHO's for Actinic light, and halides, 20kelvin 250watters XM brand, electronic ballast. A chiller is always a great idea, but they aint cheap.