Vinz' tank (600L)


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Hello everybody,

This is my first post on the forum although I've been visiting it for quite a while.
I am based in the south of France, and after building two small tanks (30L and an RSM130) I am building a new one of 600L (about 160 gallons).

The exact dimensions are 130x80x60cm.
And here are a few pics of the build:

Wiring of the electrical part which goes under the tank:

finally the tank is in place between the kitchen and the living room:

Then I placed the DIY LED fixture over it:

Technical part summary:
- tank: 130x80x60cm
- skimmer: H&S 200 twin pump
- lighting: home made LED fixture
- wave makers: 2x Tunze 6105
- remontée Tunze


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A small up, I almost moved everything from my old tank to the new one, including two master pieces, the blue clam and the red anemone.
Hope my black ocellaris will find it sometime :)

few pics



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Regarding the filtration system, it is very simple.
I arrive from the tank on two micron bag (using a Y at the end of the plumbing) then I have my H&S 200 skimmer (twin aquabee) and then I come back to the tank through a Tunze 1073.040

For the DIY led build, I have 6 pieces of 90W LED that I do not use at full power. I currently run it at 300W max. Each led is composed by 30W of white, 30W of blue 470nm, and 30W of blue 445nm and I can control each channel to get the color I want.
I am currently making build some more complete LED and I will change them once I receive them.
Cooling is done using GPU heat dissipator (Arctic L2 plus)


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it's been a while.
Here is an update of my tank.
I had a lot of fishes loss during the summer due to a disease introduced by one of the fish.

I hope I managed to stop the losses for a few months now.

I set up a calcium reactor in place of the bailing method and I'm running a VSV method since a few weeks. Corals like it :D



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by the way, is my tank description in the correct section or could a moderator move it to some more appropriate part of the forum?