Viperspectra 165w


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Hi everyone as title states anyone use them and if so how do you like them?

I have one that can with tank that came with house that I bought. I ordered a 2nd one as it's not enough for 75g

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For the price....pretty darn good.

For the price....pretty darn good.

I have been in the hobby for over 20 years. I took a small vacation away and now I'm back after 8 years off. Things have really changed for the better and worse. Back in the day I had T5's and then Metal Halide's. Getting back in the hobby and starting from scratch I went after these lights and picked up 2 of them off Amazon. After some playing around getting them programmed I like them. They are very comparable to the T5's I ran years ago. And they don't need to be ran at 100%. The blue channel I have at 60 to 70 and the whites are between 5 and 15 at the most. The accessories they give you to mount them I feel is really nice and well thought out.
The only thing I did notice is there is now an identical "WILLS" brand on Amazon for half the cost of these and it looks to be the same exact light.
The Kiessel lights are where I'm going in the future. The shimmer looks liek halides.