Vodka dosing


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Are ppl still using vodka to reduce nitrates? I use to do it and had great results with my SOS but lost all my scans. Now my nitrates are pretty high and I am loasing my acros. I want to start dosing vodka again to bring down the nitrates.
Are there any other methods to bring the nirtates down and still keep my lps?
My tank is 250g with 75g sump and ask g 4+ skimmer. I do feed a lot of home made food for my fish. Another question is if I just start feedingonly pellets will it bring my nitrates down? Thanks.


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I went through a similar loss with carbon dosing No3 too low. I've been reading lately that 1-2ppm has had better results. So I just reduced my dose by about 1/3 yesterday ...

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Tanks seem to respond differently to carbon dosing. The most common form is vodka, probably, but vinegar and the new bio-pellets are other options. You might just need to tune down the dosing, as suggested.