Vortech battery backup

I couldn't convince my better half to go in on a whole house auto-on generator so this is as good as it gets for my aquarium. It will run my MP60 for 20 hours(!) in the event of an outage and switch on automatically.
The protective shipping packaging on the heavy battery unit was excellent so I'm leaving it wrapped in the Styrofoam and setting it in my stand.



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nice, how pricey are them if you dont mind answering?? If you were to hook up a heater also how many hrs you think it would run for? Not a bad idea!!!
Vortech battery backups run about $160.
There are supplied connections for two Vortechs and the trickle charger that keeps the battery constantly fully charged. I'm sure there's a way to rig up a heater but i don't have the details. Keep in mind that run time shortens with every device you add onto a battery backup.


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Seems like a good investment with all the money we spend on livestock. I might have to pull the trigger on one for my mp40.
very easy to hook up I might add.

Simply plug trickle charger into outlet and battery and plug Vortech pump into battery backup.

I know there are DIY battery backups but if you have a Vortech this is a no brainer.