vortech is being a lot louder then normal. cannot even run the pump, what wrong?


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Like the title says, when i came home today my vortech was running alot louder then the normal hum that i get. i tried to tighten/loosen the propeller but nothing helped. Any ideas of what i could or should do
you could email them. theyre a sponsor here and you can usually ask them there but they prefer you email so they can get to you faster
I would disassemble and give it a vinegar bath. Is this the old or new magnet style? My gen2 driveshaft crapped out within the first week and was replaced and has been running strong ever since.You shouldn't have to tighten it down too hard. Post this in the ecotech forum.
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I am soaking in vinager now. im not sure which gen it is but i bought it used off of someone who said they only used it for 2 months. how can i tell? and also the magnet on the inside is rusted a little bit.
i just got it all cleaned out and put it back on. it was still making the vibrating noise and when i turned it all the way up, i started blinking green really fast and stopped spinning.