Vortech Pumps- How often do you turn them off?


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I have a Vortech MP40Wes on my 57 gallon tank which I run on the Reef-Crest and Lagoonal random mode. I hear the pump ramp up and down throughout the day. I'm afraid of burning out the pump if it runs non-stop. I put it into feed mode in the morning and at night to give it a break. My question is, how often do you guys completely power off the pump? Is this necessary?


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Not necessary to power them off, I have had mine down about every 6-8 months when I soak the wetside in vinegar to remove coraline.


I only turn mine off when I'm cleaning the tank (waterchanges bring the water level down to slurping-air range). That's an hour or so every week or two.


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Mine are never turned off except for once every 6 months or so when i pull out the wet side to clean it.
They run in feed mode during feedings and night mode every night.


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Agree with all the above. Brushless motors are extremely reliable and long-lasting. You don't need to worry about burning up the motor for a very, very long time.