Waaaay too much waste water -- new Spectrapure CSPDI 90 unit


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Hi! Would appreciate any advice. I purchased a new CSPDI 90 Spectrapure RODI unit. Right now, I'm generating about 30 gallons of waste water (!!!!!!) to about 3 gallons of product water. Even though I'm using it for plants, it's a terrible waste. I understand the ratio is supposed to be 4:1. Any ideas for me? How do you work with the flow restrictor? Not sure how it all works.... Thanks in advance!

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I would call them - sounds like something is hooked up wrong.
Flow restrictor is in the waste line & usually has to be cut in length to get the correct ratio.
Yours is WAYYYY OFF so let them help you.


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I have a flow restrictor that you turn, if I have it open water flows out of the waste line fast, if I close it restricts the water so it comes slower for the wastewater. I made that mistake the first time using it.


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I made an adjustable restrictor. I can dial it in exactly how i want


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I made an adjustable restrictor. I can dial it in exactly how i want

I did something similar except I used a 1/4" Quick Connect ball valve on my wastewater line. Took a little tweaking to get the ratio of waste to product right. Works great, lasts long time.


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what does restricting the waste water do for how much waste comes out ...doesnt it just make the waste water run longer...so if i use up my two gallon storage tank..and the waste water runs for about two hours ..so now i restrict this wont it run for like 8 hours then???..im not getting this.......

Vinny Kreyling

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Restricting puts pressure on the membrane forcing water through it.
Normally the ratio is 4 gallons of waste water to 1 gallon of product water.