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Whats wrong with this wall hammer? It looked a little stressed (possibly from the shrooms being so close). We moved the mushrooms a little further away. Now are hammer is dieing. I had a zoa frag (20 heads) fall onto the hammer at night and it stayed there for maybe 12 hours. Other than the mushrooms being close or the zoas, I don't know why its dieing. Help please.




This is what the scape looked like a week ago when the hammer looked fine. This is how far the mushrooms were from it. The reason I think it may be the shrooms is because we had a bubble yumma mushroom kill part of another lps coral we had.

THis is the tank in question. Please let me know what you guys think is wrong and caused this problem. Thanks
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I don't know the answer to your question but I REALLLY like the way your tank is setup. I love the way you did the rockwork lower on the middle and higher on the two sides. Will you give info on your tank (size, lbs of rock, sand type and lbs, fish, light, etc,


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Thanks! The tank is a 90gal with 55refuge full of macro algee. It has about 100+lbs of live rock 75-100lbs of crushed argonite substrate. It currently has 2 150w 10K MH and a T8 Bulb (my CF ballast burnt up and cant find a new one so thinking about doing an LED or T5 retro).

We have 3 Green Chromies, 2 Pink Skunk Clowns, 2 Pink Anthias , Marine Beta, Scooter Belenie and a Yellow Tang.

Corals we have mostly LPSs all of the diffent types, we have the Big Toadstool Leather and some smaller colt leathers as well, Have some kenya trees and xsenaia, some Duncan frags diffrent zoas a hurricane challast and a birdsnest sps. Im sure I missed some...

We also have a few blue leg hermits, 3 emerald crabs, some snails, and a cleaner shrimp.

The water is flowing with a CPR Overflow and we have a Reef Octopus 150 skimmer with a Mag 8 Equivelnt style pump for return.

Like I said I think thats about it...

Glad You like it!


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Try a coral dip like tech D .... I know it has helped my corals when they have had problems. I hope it comes out ok for you.

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I would just leave it where it has been and maybe see if it recovers. My LPS are pretty sensitive to the presence of other corals. I tried to isolate my slow growing shrooms, and my zoas from the majority of the corals, theyre like serial killers in my tank.


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We moved it to a diffrent tank that way it can work it's way out if it funk and if something is way wrong it wont kill my other lps coral. Wish it luck!


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Use revive. I have a wall hammer and that is what i used. When i got mine it started to receed. Two dips in Revive and now its growing again.


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I had a hammer coral that looked like that for a bit. I thought I had lost it. What I did (and I think it helped it recover because now it is thriving and growing new heads) was put it in a calm spot where it woudln't get disturbed at all, as well as slightly shaded. When I did that mine seemed to come back fully pretty fast.

I don't have anything to base what I did on, just that I did and it worked. Good luck!