Wanna hear suh-um awful?????


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Wife and I sched to go to Maui in 13 days. ATA airline was supposed to fly us from Phonix to Maui and back a week later. Yeah, well they filed Chapter 11. SORRY no flights!

Other airlines would accomodate us for a mere $2200 (in addition to $1700 I already paid). Called credit card co and disputed the charge for a ticket that won't get us anywhere, unless we want to spend the week in the Phoenix airport. Full refund coming from them. Gonna have to cancel trip because we're supposed to leave in 13 days and now tix are $3500.

Good news......as hypoxia was setting in while the rope I'd tied around my neck was tightening, I had a moment of lucency......"UH, check other departure sites"...... Most were about $3000 from Newark, JFK, Buffalo. One last try....Toronto!

Tix a little bit more than we paid for originals, but not much. Faster flights, less layovers, getting in earlier. WHEEEEW!!!!!

Not a bad way to spend a Friday night!


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I thought that Birth certificates with a drivers license were ok - birth certificate MUST have an embosed seal on them but they are ok for now.



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Yeah, you could be right on that one. I just always travel with my passport foreign and domestic. Makes things easier.


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yea isn't it great....lol....did you guys here what happened to the US passports? well they out sourced the making of the to a dutch company that was producing them in Thailand. because they said that the printer they needed to use were owned by this dutch company and were not in the USA so they out sourced... how about that for a smack in the rocks for US business.


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just a license will get you into and out of canada for now, they will give you the be prepared with the correct documents speech but you will be fine untill 2009


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Check out this link. It says you will need passport info, but I'm not sure if its referring to Canadians flying to the US or if its for anyone that if flying from Canada to the US.


New! Traveling to or from the USA? Additional passenger information is now required
The United States Customs and Border Protection Agency recently implemented new requirements of air carriers to provide new additional passenger information in advance of travel to/from the USA including Puerto Rico.

Passengers traveling to/from the USA are currently required to provide the following information in advance:

* Full Name
* Gender
* Date of Birth
* Citizenship
* Passport Number
* Passport expiry date
* Passport country of issuance
* Country of residence
* Your address while in the U.S., or if visiting various locations, the address for the 1st night in the USA (except for US citizens or Legal Permanent Residents)


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Glad you got it all worked out. May take a little longer getting to the airport but did you realy want to fly that far on an airline that cant pay thier bills? Scary thought. Your better off.