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Polyp-Lab has a new product out called Reef-Roids. I know 3 people who have PM'd me about this for a while, but I already have my hands full. They all like it, say they get great response rate from corals. I guess they feel strongly enough about their product that they're giving away free samples, just register here -


This is from their website:

"Although originally engineered for feeding the Goniopora genus, this product has been very well received in the hobby as an excellent food source for all filter feeding corals.

The particle size of Reef-roids is around 150-200 microns. This is THE perfect size for Goniopora to feed on. When using Reefroids, you will notice excellent polyp extension on all filter feeding corals. Zoanthids, Mushrooms and Ricordia will demonstrate a distinct feeding response. And with continued use, your filter feeding corals will experience faster growth and better colors.

Ingredients: Unlike many other "coral foods" on the market, Reef-roids is NOT made with processed fish meals or other ingredients that can rapidly degrade water quality. Reef-roids is a mixture of naturally occurring marine planktons including a specific species of zooplankton that is unique to our product.

Directions: For each 100G of your system volume, mix one teaspoon of Reef-roids with some water from your tank. Stir this mixture until it has completely dissolved. We highly recommend target feeding the paste to your corals using a syringe or turkey baster while circulation pumps are turned off. Otherwise, pour the paste in an area of high flow before turning off the in-tank circulation pumps

One container will feed a 100G tank for 3 months. (Estimate based on 2 feedings per week)
I think its fine. It looks like its just some planktons and such. Sounds like they're confident enough folks will like it, they just wanna get it out on the market.