Wanted: 29-55 tank


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I'm looking for a tank, anywhere that is or under 4 feet long, prefer 3 footer, and no wider than 16 inches. Height doesn't matter as long as it's not over 24 inches. Lemme know what ya got. Thanks!


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I have an old tank 48L by 12.5W by 16.5T (needs a good cleaning) that was used for fresh water at one point now its just taking up space LMK if your interested.


I have a 60g glass tank with black back. It used to have an overflow in it but it has been removed. The return hole is up in the front right corner area though but that could easily be sealed up as could the drain hole if not wanted. The dimensions are 48 x 15 x 20. I was looking to sell it for $35. LMK.