Wanted Koralia 2 fish guard


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I am looking for the flow concentrator/fish guard for a Koralia 2 or 3. I am setting up a wave maker and I am worried about my Lawnmower Blenny; he like to perch inside the power head when it is off. It is kind of funny; he watches everything I do like he is supervising! :bum:

If anybody has an extra they are not going to use it would be much appreciated, just let me know what you want for it.

I live in North Ridgeville but travel to the northeast side of Cleveland.


Contact Hydro about the guards. I did about 9 months ago for my #4 and they sent them to me in the mail for free.


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I purchased the Koralia 4 new a few weeks ago; the #2 with the missing guard I got used.

Thanks pgolnick, I will contact Hydro and see what they say.