Wanting to add a clam


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I have a 55 gal tank with 80 lbs. LR, zooanthids, xenia, mushroom, and finger leather corals. I have 2 - Seio M620 pumps for circulation, and I am running a Remora Pro w/Mag 3 pump. I have 2 occelaris clowns, 1 yellow tail blue damsel, and I just inherited a small Hepatus tang from a friend who is breaking down his tank ( I plan on trading the tang for more coral at the lfs soon as a 55 is not big enough for this fish). I am running 2 - 110 watt 50-50 vho fluorescents now and everything is doing well. Zoo's are spreading and the xenia and finger leather need to be fragged pretty soon. I don't have a sump so I use kalkwasser to make up for evaporation. I am planning on adding 2 more 110 watt fluorescents in the near future to get me up to 440 watts total. My question is this: do you think that would be enough light for me to add a Deresa clam? I know that it probably wouldn't be enough for a Crocea.


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i would'nt see why a derasa wouldnt thrive in that. i have seen big, healthy ones in tanks that have less light than that. when you shop for the other lights, you might want to try out some t5 HO's. they are supposed to be the light for FL lovers.


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4 VHOs is plenty for a crocea. A guy in our club had a 55 full of BTAs under 4 VHOs. Every year the darn thing would split and he'd have to sell them (at the expense of being attacked by his clowns). I digress.

VHOs may be an old technology - but if you strategically place your clam - it should be fine. Make sure the bulbs are the ones with the individual reflectors built in.

Obviously don't put the crocea or maxima at the sandbed.

now what i've written is probably outlawed for the MH folks but tis my 2 cents. Good luck!

also i think the dersa will be fine. Just note that it will outgrow your 55 though.