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Well...Its my fiance's bachelorette party tonight so I'm solo for the evening. I'm sick of moving our stuff to our new condo so I decided to do some DIY for the new place. I did a spin off of Mr. Bojangles collector. I use all 1 1/2" pvc. Pics will come after this weekend (have to go to the CG station for the weekend). For now, here is the writeup...by the way, the whole thing cost about $25 assuming you had to buy everything.


Large clear acrylic canister from Walmart
(2) 1 1/2" cap
(2) 1 1/2" slip to male connector
(1) 1 1/2" slip to female connector
Squeezable silicone
Misc window screen
Ping pong ball
1/2" barb connector of your choice (I chose 1/2" female to 1/2" barb for the flare)

Drill a few 1/4" or larger holes in 1 of the caps and set aside.
Invert one of the male connectors and generously apply silicone to the inside where there is a slight ledge (this will make a watertight connection). Put a ping pong ball in some vegetable oil and drop it into the siliconed male connector. Push the ball in a bit to let the silicone form around it. Wait for a few minutes for the silicone to start setting and remove the ball. Now grab that cap you drilled holes into. With the ball inside the cap silicone the male connector (that has silicone in it) to it. As the ball floats higher the ball will make a perfect seal and cut off all air passing through "shutting off" your skimmer. Let that dry for a bit.

Now, grab that canister. Using a dremel/rotozip cut a hole in the lid for the drying pieces to fit into. I cut the "bottom" layer larger so it would fit tight to the "top" layer of the canister. Silicone in the drying assembly so that the threads stick out of the top of the lid. Make sure to leave plenty of room for the assembly to "swing out" when opening the canister. While you're using the dremel/rotozip cut out a hole for the 1/2" barb. Almost done.

Now take that slip to female connector and run a bead of silicone inside the slip portion where the ledge is (just a little) and place a piece of window screen in there (push it in with some junk mail rolled up) Silicone the ends of the SLIP section of the slip/female to the slip side of the other slip/male connector. Now drill a 1/2" hole into the other cap. Run a bead of silicone around the hole on the inside and put another piece of screen in there. This will be the stank remover that you fill with carbon.

Once everything is together just twist it together and viola! Its SO simple. I did everything in a half hour.