Watchman Goby has changed colour


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When I bought my Yellow Watchman Goby about 3 weeks ago, he/she was just that.....yellow. But now he has taken on a more dusty white colour and his anal fin has an electric blue colour.

Has anyone else witnessed a colour change with their watchman gobies?

Is it normal?
Is it related to stress? I don't think so, although he displays the normal reclusive nature of a Goby only coming out to watch whenever you're not directly in front of the tank.
Is it related to diet?

Sorry, no pictures as he is camera shy and just about impossible to expect him to pose for a photo.

Any observations anyone else has had would be very welcome.




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Yes, this is something that happens with watchman gobies. Nobody knows why. Is it not related to stress or gender. Sometimes white ones will change to yellow, sometimes yellow changes to white. Breeding pairs have been documented with white males and yellow females, white females and yellow males, yellow males and females, and white males and females.