Water 55 gallon tank


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What can i use to store water that is safe to use. I will be bringing about 5 gallons a day home and need to store it until i get the tank up and ready. I know that some store it in a large garbage can. Can i Do this safely. If so how long can it be stored and will it go bad. It is RO/DI water. I will not have the tank ready for a few weeks but wanted to get the water home. If i do store it will it require some type of circulation??


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Just tagging along. I would like to know the same thing. I keep mine in 5g water bottles and want to know if circulation is necessary.


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my fish store delivered my water when i was ready...now i keep 10 gallons at a time on hand.......but it sits only for a week between top offs and water changes


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good question...

I only have part of the answer. RODI water attracts dust, so you should seal the top well.

Taggining along for the rest of the answer... I want to know too. I'll be buying a 10-20g container for water top offs.