Water Change Station Pump


Getting tough lifting buckets around so planning to build a water change mix station in the garage and pump the water to the tank which is about 45ft away. How big of a pump will I need? I have Jebao in mind but not sure how reliable they are and which model to get. Do you have one laying around for sale?

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General rule for 1” tubing is every 3 ft of horizontal run translates to 1” vertically. So you’d be looking for a pump that can handle ~15’ head pressure. I haven’t had great luck with any jebao pumps. Last one I had gave me a nice shock after just a few months of use. Reeflo and Iwaki pumps are reliable and good at handling head pressure.


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I have a long run 35 ft or so and I just one of my old quiet one 3000's. works fine for me.