water change


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Are you wanting to do one monthly water change? Or several smaller changes?
I have not heard of a magic percentage per month-as every tank is different. I would suggest going by your tank parameters. Whatever percentage it takes for you to keep your ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, etc. where they need to be. Keep in mind, this may need to be done on a weekly basis--biweekly. Water changes helps to export nitrates out of your tank. Just depends alot on your tank bioload.

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I have a lot of fish and corals and I feed a lot...6 times daily.
I change 60 gallons weekly on a 410 gallon system.


yes i plan to do bi weekly water changes forgot to mention it is a 500 gallon system instant ocean recomends 20 percent bi weekly thanks again reefers:confused:


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You may want to post under the forum "large reef tanks" here on reef central to get more opinions. Since you do have such a large tank "I'm jealous", they may be able to help you better with how they do water changes.

good luck